TOP-O-Matic is one of many brands that belong to Republic Tobacco Group. Its history began in 1928, which makes it one of the oldest RYO tobacco brands in the US. Today, it has great popularity among Americans and people living in other countries for making smooth RYO tobacco that represents the original American flavor. The products by Top-O-Matic Company also include high-quality rolling papers for the enjoyable smoking experience. More information about the products from the brand, you can find in the relevant sections of this Top-O-Matic official website.

Featured Products

Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

This manual device has an injector allowing you to make evenly packed sticks for the exceptional smoking experience. It is an easy-to-use product suitable for those looking for a reliable item for filling cigarette tubes. Thanks to the durable steel and other high-quality components, it will operate for a long time. The device comes with a short spoon for enhanced efficacy. Users will really enjoy how quickly and easily perfect smokes can be made with the help of this device.

Top-O-Matic T2

This is a new steel machine that has a tray for tobacco simplifying the process of loading. The device is very durable, so it is suitable for those who need lots of cigarettes. It allows making smokes of different sizes using a speed lock system. This model is more reliable better, and faster than the original brand ’s model. This product is the world toughest cigarette machine.

PoweRoll by Top-O-Matic

It is one of the latest devices in the Top’s line. Being an electric injector, it has everything required for making high-quality homemade cigarettes. The device comes along with a case allowing you to store it along with its parts away when you do not use it or just to carry it with you. Thanks to a specially designed injector system, you will be able to make smokes at home in a quick and painless way.

PoweRoll 2 by Top-O-Matic

It is one of the newest products in the brand’s line equipped with an electric motor. This easy-to-use device is a great helper in making perfect rolls with one touch. It will be a good choice for smokers who want to roll 84 mm or 100 mm long smokes. The device is sold along with a chamber guard for additional protection. Also, there are special tools for cleaning allowing you to ensure the smooth operation of your device.

MikrOmatic Cigarette Rolling Machine

This product matches the same high standards as other products from the brand. The device has an easy and nice design, and consumers can also count on durability since it is made of strong steel. This best-selling machine operated manually has earned many high rates from customers. Chrome plate of the device is very easy to keep clean.

Cigarette Rolling Machine Buying Guide

A cigarette making machine is a device that allows making high-quality smokes whenever you need in a quick, convenient, and affordable manner. You do not need any preparation work to start making smokes filled with tobacco because you can load finely shredded leaves into your device. It is also possible to use cannabis with such a machine, but it requires preparing the smoking material first.

Using a tobacco rolling machine is not only about your convenience because also about saving your time, allowing you to make your own cigarettes in seconds. All you need is to add some tobacco to a specially designed area of the device. You also need to use rolling papers, which you place depending on the device type. To ensure the highest quality of cigarettes, you should check if the rolling paper is properly attached and enough filling is added. It may take you some time to understand how a certain machine operates, but usually, it is enough to try it for a few times.

If you want to enjoy homemade cigarettes, you can just roll a smoke using your hands, but thanks to the rolling device, you will be able to roll perfectly equal smokes quickly. It is possible to find the machine to make smokes from 70 mm to 100 mm.

Reasons to Use the Device

You are probably used to making cigarettes using your own hands or just buying cigarettes, so why do you really need to opt for a special device?

The following are the main benefits that you will have:

When choosing a device, you should take into account how many cigarettes you have per day. If it is about 5-10 cigarettes, then a manual cigarette rolling machine is the right choice for you, but it if is more than that, you should opt for an electric cigarette rolling machine.

Roll-Your-Own (RYO) Cigarettes

RYO cigarettes can be made using special filling, such as rolling tobacco (baccy, rollies), cannabis, as well as materials for wrapping or injecting the filling, such as special papers and cigarette tubes. Often, the components are sold together, which is very convenient because you do not have to buy them separately. You can purchase loose filters to add them to the rolled cigarettes. Also, such cigarettes can be made using rolled cones, cigarette tubes, and specially designed machines. If you make smokes yourself, you can choose what they should be in terms of diameter and strength.

The following are the equipment and supplies that you may need:

Cigarette Sizes

RYO cigarettes come in different sizes, which allows customers to find the most suitable option based on their preferences. It is important to know what cigarettes size you need for different reasons. Usually the question “What size do I need?” arise when people try to purchase accessories. You may want to purchase a stylish pack holder or a special case or to buy a rolling machine, which will allow you to fill smokes without spending lots of time and effort. Usually, you can use accessories designed for longer smokes with shorter ones.

Today, the cigarette sizes that you can find at a store are the following:

  • 70 mm;
  • 84 mm (king size);
  • 100 mm;
  • 120 mm.

Lots of people find it difficult to choose proper rolling paper size, but it should be correct to use certain equipment with it.

Below, you will find helpful information on that:

  • Single Wide is a 68-70 mm long and 34-36 mm wide rolling paper. Products from different manufacturers may come with a slight difference in size;
  • 1 ¼ (“Spanish” or “French Size”) papers are about 1/4 larger than the previous product, so they are 76-78 mm long and 45-48 mm wide. This is the most popular rolling papers size;
  • 1 ½ is about half more papers than Single Wide. They are 76-78 mm long and 60-62 mm wide. Such papers allow making a bigger diameter cigarette stick than those you can have if you use the “Spanish” size;
  • Double Wide are usually 76-78 mm long and 63-88 mm wide papers. The sizes of these papers can vary significantly depending on who makes them;
  • King Size are the largest among rolling papers available for sale today. They are 100-105 mm long and 55-60 mm wide (4 x 2″). It is important to note that manufactured cigarettes and rolling papers called king size are not the same because they are 84 mm long and from 100 to 105 mm long respectively. These papers allow you to roll the longest cigarette. They are very popular, so you will not have any problems with finding them.

Rolling papers have to fit a cigarette roller, and below you will find some helpful information on that:

  • 70 mm for Single Wide;
  • 79 mm for 1 ¼, 1 ½, Double Wide;
  • 110 mm for king size.

Types of Rolling Machines

It may be quite confusing to pick a cigarette rolling machine because there are so many different types that include different mechanisms. It is up to you what to pick based on your preferences.

The main types:

  • A thumb roller is quite simple. It may not have fancy features but allows making smokes of the right size. It requires practicing to avoid falling off tobacco and ensuring that it is well-wrapped. Anyway, a cigarette hand rolling machine comes at a very attractive price;
  • A cigarette injector machine makes the compressed filling, which is then injected into the tube. If you invest some money in your cigarette injector, it will allow you to control how much filling should be added to the cigarette tube, but it may also require rolling your paper separately. You can do this by using your hands or getting a special device. Generally, such a cigarette tube machine looks professionally and fills smokes evenly;
  • An electric machine is also an injector that uses electricity and comes at a higher price. Such an electric cigarette roller allows completing the entire filling process quicker.

The cigarette making machines for home use may also differ in size and can be as following:

  • A handheld cigarette roller is a small device that you can carry with you in a pocket
  • A tabletop machine. It is a little bit bigger device that you can put on your table;
  • A professional cigarette rolling machine is a high volume cigarette rolling machine usually used at factories.

Also, such devices can be as follows:

  • Manual machines. These devices do not require an electricity supply to operate. There are many advanced, high-rated models that you can find today;
  • Automatic machines. They allow automating the process and consequently saving your time and effort, but they will not work without an electricity supply.

Common Machine Features

There are several common features that you should pay your attention to regardless of the type of device you use, including the following:


Types of tobacco NOT to use?

All of our machines both crank and electric are made for cigarette tobacco.  Please avoid the following types of tobacco as they will cause problems such as jamming, not filling the tubes properly, bending or breaking the parts on the machines and motors burning out on the electric machines.

  • Overly Moist Tobacco (such as pipe tobacco)
  • Overly Dry Tobacco
  • Very Fine Cut Tobacco

What is the difference between cigarette tobacco and pipe tobacco?

Cigarette tobacco or rolling tobacco is cut and blended differently than pipe tobacco.  Pipe tobacco is moister, coarser and heavier (denser) than cigarette tobacco.  Pipe tobacco is made for the bowls of a pipe which burns slower than a cigarette. There will also be a difference in the flavors of the tobaccos due to the way they are made. Our machines are made for cigarette tobacco and as such using pipe tobacco with the machines will cause problems such as jamming, not filling tubes, parts bending or breaking and motors burning out on the electric machines.

How to unclog a jammed crank cigarette machine?

When the crank machine has cigarette tobacco stuck in it and you can not open the chamber door all the way or at all, you will need to very gently take a straightened out paperclip or something similar to poke in through the nozzle and start working the tobacco loose. As the tobacco becomes loose you will be able to tip the cigarette machine to the side and have the loosened tobacco fall out of the machine.  Keep this up and eventually you will be able to open the chamber door.  After the chamber door is open you should be able to get the rest of the cigarette tobacco out of the machine.  Once all the tobacco has been removed from the machine you will need to clean the machine.

How to unclog a jammed electric cigarette making machine?

When the electric cigarette making machines jam the red jam indicator light will turn on.

  1. Remove the tube from the nozzle, open the chamber guard and then turn off the power switch (on the back of the machine).
  2. Use the supplied clearing rod to loosen the tobacco in the machine by gently going in through the nozzle.  Use the nozzle brush to clean the loose tobacco from the machine.
  3. Turn the power switch on and close the chamber guard.
  4. Keeping your fingers and hands away from the nozzle opening, press and release the chamber guard to activate the injector and ensure successful removal of jam.

My rolling papers will not go on the machine, how do I put them in?

The machines are not made for rolling papers, they are made to be used with cigarette filter tubes.

Should I oil an electric cigarette making machine?

We do have several different machines and while our crank machines can be oiled our electric machines should NOT be oiled.  The oil could easily get into the motor and electrical of the machine causing it to malfunction.

What type of oil should I use?

For the crank cigarette making machines you can use any type of household oil.  ie: WD-40, 3 in 1, cooking oil, etc. NEVER USE VASELINE, which will just collect all the tobacco dust and cause your machine to malfunction.

How much does a cigarette machine sell for?

This all is based on the part of the country the machine is sold in and other factors.  Your best bet to find out the pricing for the machines would be to contact your local tobacco stores and do some price comparisons.  You can also check retailers on line for pricing.

I purchased some rolling papers to use with my machine why won’t they work?

Our table top cigarette machines both crank and electric are made to be used with cigarette tubes with filters, not rolling papers.  Rolling papers will not work with the machine as they can not fit on the nozzle to have the tobacco injected into them.

When making my cigarette while it fills the tubes completely there is a little tobacco sticking out of the end, how do I fix that?

This may happen with the machine.  While the machines will make perfectly filled cigarettes there may be a little sticking out of the tubes and that is okay.  There is nothing wrong with the machine and it is not broken because it does that.  All you would need to do is pinch or cut the tobacco off.

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