The Top-O-Matic cigarette rolling machine is a manual, tabletop device that you can use for making perfect cigarettes at the comforts of your home. It has a simple yet stylish design.

Size, Components, Materials

The main components of the 9.5 x 7.5 x 4-inches machine are a chamber, injector, shorter spoon (for more efficacy), chamber reducer, and a lever. The Top-O-Matic cigarette making machine is made of durable stainless steel, which ensures that it will serve for you for many years. There are opinions that if the device is properly maintained, it will make your cigarettes for you for over five years.

Cigarette Size

It allows making cigarettes of different sizes, including 84 mm (king size) and 100 mm. You just need to use the cigarette tube size of your choice and make a few simple adjustments. Usually, after making a pack of cigarettes yourself, you will gain the necessary experience in filling tubes with tobacco using this device.

Number of Cigarettes It Can Make

The Top-O-Matic cigarette roller is a reliable product of high quality that with no cause problems in use even in novice. Once you gain some experience, you will be able to make a pack of cigarettes (20 pieces) in less than 3 minutes, but the time really depends on users.

How It Works

Since this Top-O-Matic cigarette maker is operated manually, you can simply put it on your table without connecting it to an electricity supply. Being the Top-O-Matic cigarette injector, it fills cigarette tubes that should be carefully attached to the device before the process. The machine allows you to control how tightly your cigarettes should be packed.

Bottom Line

The Top-O-Matic cigarette machine is highly rated by consumers for quality, easiness of use, affordability, and durability. Generally, this well-built and affordable machine will help you to make evenly packed rolls with all-natural tobacco without spending lots of efforts at any time you want.

User Guide: Maintenance, Care, Handling, Operating

How to roll a cigarette with the Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine?

top-o-matic cigarette rolling machine parts

How to clean the Top-O-Matic Cigarette Machine?

The cigarette machine should be cleaned frequently to keep it in proper working order.

How to make adjustment for machine releasing cigarette tubes early?

The best way to confirm that your cigarette machine is releasing the cigarette tubes early is to make a cigarette.  While trying to inject the tobacco into the tube, hold the rubber cover that holds your tubes on the nozzle with your finger.  If you can make some good cigarettes this way then the following adjustment will need to be done.  You may have to play with the adjustment a little while to get it right, so please be patient.

  1. Remove the slip resistant mat from the machine
  2. In the corner where you put your tubes on the machine you will find the insert nut. 
  3. Turn the insert nut clock wise a hair and try the machine, you may need to turn it a few more times to get it in the place you need it.

How to fix the machine when it is jamming?

JAMMING:  This could be a few different reasons – Tobacco could be pipe tobacco, too wet, dry or fine. 

The machine is not made for pipe tobacco which is too wet and dense of a tobacco for our machines and it will cause jamming, parts bending, breaking, not filling tubes, etc.

  • If the tobacco is too wet,  you can dry out your tobacco by letting it sit out a little at a time (as much as you will use in one sitting) to dry it.  Only do this for ½ hour to 1 hour at a time, any time beyond that could cause your tobacco to be too dry. 
  • If it is too dry, try taking a wedge of an apple, or the peel of an orange and putting it in with the tobacco to moisten it. 
  • If your tobacco is too fine, you need to buy another bag and mix it with that.  Make sure to keep mixing your tobacco throughout its use, this helps keep the fine stuff from falling to the bottom so that all you end up with is fine tobacco.
  • The injector could be bent or narrowed.  If this is the case the only way to fix it is to replace the injector.  Please contact our Service Center to order a new injector.
  • The tamper could be out of alignment due to dirt/use.  If this is the case your machine is packing the tobacco at an angle so it will not go into a tube.  Therefore the tamper housing unit needs to be cleaned. To do this remove the brass nuts and hex screws from the machine, you will then be able to slide the link assembly up.  When you slide the link assembly the tamper will come with it.  You can remove the link assembly from the tamper and then you will take some warm water and a cotton tip to clean it.  Also clean the chamber where the tamper sits.  Put everything back together and the tamper should realign itself
  • If the injector lever assembly is not sliding smoothly across the silver metallic channel where the injector is positioned, it will seem like it is jamming.  This could be because of the flat head screw beeing either too loose or too tight.  The flat head screw should be snug but not tight, this will make it slide a little easier.  Then oil those parts, you can use any type of household oil. (ie: WD-40, 3 in 1, cooking oil, etc.) Use a paper towel or cotton swab to apply oil.  NEVER USE VASELINE, which will just collect all the tobacco dust and cause your machine to malfunction.

How to fix when cigarette tubes are ripping at the tip/taking a notch off the end?

What is happening is your machine is holding your tube just a fraction of a second too long.  To fix this you will do the following:

  1. Remove the slip resistant mat from the machine.
  2. In the corner where you put your tubes on the machine you will find the insert nut.
  3. Turn the insert nut counter clock wise a hair at a time and it will stop the machine from tearing the tip off the end of the tubes.

How to fix when tubes are not getting filled all the way to the filter?

There could be several different reasons as to why this is happening:

  • Your cigarette machine might need a good cleaning to remove all tobacco residue on the machine. (See Cleaning Machine)
  • Tobacco could be pipe tobacco, too wet, dry or fine.  (See Jamming Machine)
  • The machine could be releasing your cigarette tubes too early.  (See Releasing Cigarette Tubes Early)


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Average rating:  
 49 reviews
 by Geneen Deinhammer
Quality is BAD

I have used this companies equipment since 2009. The first machine lasted 9 years with no problems. I have purchased 6 machines since 2018–every single one has stopped working! The company is not willing to do anything about their terrible quality and their customer service is some of the poorest I have ever experienced. I am not going to find a different company to buy a machine from and send the two pieces of junk I have here that do not work back to them. If they have a quality control department maybe they can fix their issues.

 by Mike

Rolled great for a few months and then it started jamming and not filling tubes fully. Ive tried cleaning it, replacing parts and have changed tobacco.

 by Bren
Thank You

I’ve had my Top O Matic for about 10 years using pipe tobacco, cleaning and oiling it with sewing machine oil every 7-10 days. Recently it started not filling the tubes completely (100’s)and was prepared to buy a new one and then I found your suggestion for tightning the nut by the tube injector and my problem was solved! Thank you so much!

 by Ron

Didnt they use to make one with a handle tjat you pulled down on to inject the tobacco

 by S Wise
Awesome machine

I’ve been using the same machine for seven years. I started having problems with it just last year. Now, I know that’s because I have never cleaned or oiled it. The Top-o-Matic saves so much money it’s crazy. I make a carton of cigerettes for about 10 bucks. This is one awesome machine!

 by Isaac Woods
First time user

This is my first time using any type of cigarette injector machine. it is very easy to use and my very first cigarette i made was full of tobacco like a normal cigarette. i was very please at the results.
I have been buying cigarettes for years and spent thousands of dollars, but now i can save money and enjoy a great cigarette. i think i will be using this machine for a very long time!!!!!!

 by 15 year experience
Top-o Matic

I’ve been rolling cigarettes for more than 15 years ! Only machine I’ve owned is the top o Matic brand . Every year I replaced them .try to hold on to it for longer but cigarettes start to get jammed or not stuffed right . Still worth the re-buy . Machines roll smooths , I clean it each time , oil it ever month and air pressure clean it !

 by Duayne Koltowicz
Best Machine Ever

I’ve been rolling for about 10 years now, & have used these machines the entire time. I roll 250 tubes a week, & I just started using my 4th machine last month (remember . . . that’s over a 10 year period). If you keep it cleaned & lubed, they last a very long time.

 by Steve
Great roller

I’ve been rolling my own cigarettes for about ten years now. For me these machines last about a year to a year in a half. We roll about 4 packs a day. I do keep them oiled and cleaned like suggested. Considering a carton of smokes is north of 50 dollars I have no problem replacing my machine yearly. I average 2 and a half cartons for 25 dollars. So even buying a machine tubes and tobacco to get started is cheaper than buying 2 cartons.

 by Richard Schwartz
Cost per carton

I pay $3.00 for 2 boxes of tubes [400 tubes]
1# Gambler Tobacco $11.99 Cost per pack under $1.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 by Joshua
Awesome machine

The Topomatic is an amazing machine. You earn your money back after the first carton. I’ve made thousands of cigarettes with this machine over the year and it’s still going strong. I highly advise taking good care of it and cleaning it atleast once a week which doesn’t take long at all.

I recommend this machine to all those who are just starting. Easy to learn and use, after awhile you catch a rhythm and knock out a pack in no time.

 by Lisa

It may be a little more expensive, but I absolutely love this machine for sevral reasons. It is durable metal, and it fills the cigarettes all the way. I have severe neck issues, I used an Excel Supermatic for 9 years and loved it, however, it caused more issues with my neck. This one has made it so much easier to roll. I roll cigarettes for 7 people, 3 are chainsmokers. I can roll all day with this machine and have not problems. LOVE IT!!!

 by Kathy

I have had my machine for about a year now, and it works as well today as the day I bought it. I have only had to replace the spring, which was simple. It will literally pay for itself with the first catron rolled.

 by G
Best Cigarette Rolling Machine

Me neighbor gave me this machine (He used it for 3yrs before “RETIRING” from smoking). Only instructions given to me was keep it clean, spray LIGHTLY with “PAM” after every 10 cartons or so, & figure out how much “BACCY” you need for your smoke. It took a li’l less than a pack, to PERFECT me roll.

“Shake” was a problem at first. Then I started putting me tobacco thru a sieve when first opened, saving the shake for use in me pipes. Then I tried mixing 50/50 shake to cut, works FINE. You just has to be more careful filling the injector (DO NOT FILL AS FULL AS YOU WOULD NORMALLY). I been using it couple times a week, pumped out probably 30 cartons or more with it so far.

So far, hasn’t had any problems, I cleans after every use, & “PAM’ed” it 3 times. Lost tube nipple, wrapped holder with friction tape (I’m a CHEAP freak). Friction tape works fine, I’ll leave on ’til me next trip to ACE, I’ll grab some nipples while I’m there. I always search out the best deals, me last 5 cartons has cost me approximately $1.0947/pk. Hell, $1.10 for a pack of “CHOKES”, you can’t beat that.

I TRULY LOVE THIS MACHINE! I has friends who are paying almost $7.00/pk

 by Stephen
Good machine

I have used one of these machines for over 3 years. The only thing I had to replace was the spring. I keep it on hand as a spare now, because I got a Powermatic II 1 1/2 years ago. I think it is worth the extra money to get the power one, but this is a great machine and worth the money.

 by William
Dependable Machine

Have been using this machine daily for over a year and have no complaints. All original parts are intact and it works as well now as the day I bought it. It takes a little time to determine the right amount of tobacco to use but then you’ll be making perfect cigarettes almost every time.

 by Jason
very tough.

This very tough machine and once u get the hang over it u can crank out a lot cigarettes. Its built to last.

 by Kevin
Best machine. Durable and works well

In about 6 years I have owned two of these and stuffed over 60,000 tubes through each before needing repair. Very durable. Just make sure to clean insides with brush regularly and vacuum a few times.

I have used with many tube brands with no issues, Premier brand being the exception. (Dia. too small for nozzle, much time to fit and many tore.)

 by Chris
Top notch machine!

This thing is a tank…I’ve had mine for over 2 years and still kicking…It rolls perfect smokes everytime,once you get the hang of it!

 by Jered
Time and Money saving machine

That’s what they should have called it. I’m really happy with mine. Feels sturdy, easy to use, easy to keep clean. Wish I would have started rolling my own long ago.

 by Singin’
Best buy for yer buck!

Excellent machine! FIRST ~ READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!! If you start to crank the handle & it’s hard to crank ~ STOP!! Push the handle back & take out the tobacco & fluff it up some, refill it using a LITTLE LESS ~ when you crank the handle, there should be very little resistance. DON’T PUSH DOWN ON THE HANDLE WHEN TURNING IT!! If you force a “hard crank”, your smoke comes out hard as a rock & hardly smokable! If you keep over filling the chamber & forcing a “hard crank” ~ of course you’re going to break things, like the springs. DUHH! If you don’t have to “hard crank” it, the springs last much longer! After a good number of years & how much you use it ~ of course the springs will wear out. The little rubber tip that holds the tube in place ~ if you turn it about 1/3 of a turn about every 4 months ~ it lasts forever. I’ve known a guy that’s had his for about 13 yrs. & he’s rebuilt the entire thing (because he wanted to)!! You can order all the replaceable parts. It took me a bit to get used to how much tobacco to put in it but the best way to judge that is to get a smoke from someone who buys them, rip it open & you’ll get a good idea of how much you need to put in (minus stems). Depending on how many smokes you make (or don’t make) clean it out about once every week or two. Take the bottom off & use a can of compressed air (like what you use on a computer) to blow out excess tobacco in the small places. Just make sure you hold it away from your face when you do this or you’ll get a mug full of fine grind!! When it starts to look a bit dry, use a q-tip with some 3 in 1 oil & dab it on all the moving parts on the underside. This has been the most awesome thing I’ve ever bought since I started smoking & that’s been over 40 yrs. ago & YES ~ I ENJOY SMOKING! We’re going to die of something & this is the one thing I have left to enjoy! No drinking or drugs any more for me but I’m keeping my smokes! Just remember ~ 1. Don’t over fill it. 2. Don’t hard crank it. 3. Turn the little rubber tip about every 4 months. 5. DO maintenance cleaning & oil when needed. Don’t expect the smokes to be “perfect” as I still have to trim the excess from the end (I’ve had mine about 2 yrs.) but the same thing happens with government made smokes! If you expect “perfect” ~ take your unhappy self to the store & spend loads of money & BUY YOUR SMOKES!! I’ll keep my machine, Thank You very much! I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of this machine & haven’t had to replace any parts! For the price & quality ~ you can’t beat it!!

 by duane
best there is

I can’t say enough good things about this roller. If you pack it right(ends first) then the middle and don’t over pack, you get a perfect cig every time.

 by Rich
Great Machine

Bought this machine around xmas 2015 from Tobbaco King (a local store) for about $45, a bag of organic Tobbaco for $20, box of Premier Tubes (100’s) for $4 and the lady gave me a water pillow and a black metallic case for free, been rolling about 1 1/2 cartons a week ever since, works flawlessly, a bit messy but that’s ok, I have mastered the filling process and I have been averaging about 13-14 packs per 8oz bag of Tobbaco, beats the hell out of $9 a pack I have been spending….a little periodoc maintenance and good to go again, I have never done this b 4 and it was a very little learning curve, I would recommend this machine to anyone

 by Michael

Very affordable, easy to use

 by Chris
It’s a Tank!

Welcome to your first real machine…This thing is a tank,and lasts forever…I’ve had mine 4 years and it still works perfectly(Just have to clean it periodically)

 by WildCard
Money saver!

Works way better than any other device I’ve tried…

 by Z
Best Machine I Know Of!

Read a few reviews on my way to post this one so let me start with this:

I’ve had a few machines over the years and this one has proven to be the most rugged and enduring over time! So, IF you are a veteran of RYO and ordered one of these units for the FIRST time and you hate it it’s HIGHLY PROBABLE that you received a DEFECTIVE machine! It has happened to me TWICE! I can’t say if the problem is a “quality control” issue at the manufacturing level or some “sketchy goin’ ons” further down the food chain, all I know for sure is that it does happen, and if you don’t have previous experience with a “Topomatic” it would be totally reasonable to think they are an inferior machine if you were to receive a bad one initially. If the “action” is not smooth and easy right out of the box you got burned and the unit is JUNK! Of course there is the possibility that you’ve been using a superior machine that I’m just not familiar with.

What I can say for sure is that my last “Topomatic” tubed a carton or more per day for 3 years before it got really, REALLY tired. Cash was tight at the time or I would have already replaced it, and when I was able to finally get a new one I received, (three guesses anyone?) A DEFECTIVE ONE! Long story short, I used my old, trashed “beat to death” “Topomatic” another 8 months before I finally got a new one, and I was still using it quite a bit until it finally” froze up” totally about a week ago!

 by Elaine
loved it

just received today and it was awesome! I rolled my first carton in 1 hour. I’m sure I will improve with time and practice! I recommend the machine

 by James
Top-o-Matic rolling machine

I’ve had mine for about a year and it works great, but sometimes the finer tobacco gets stuck to the injector rod and makes it really hard to pull the lever until you clear it. I use 100mm and kings. I leave the size adjustment bracket off for both and then trim the protruding tobacco on the kings at the end with scissors. That way if fills the tube good all the way to the end. ~ If you put the tobacco in and push it towards the left side and then lightly pat down all of it. This will help getting the tobacco all the way back to the filter. Just play around with it until you get a good method. With the finer shake, don’t pat it down. Just make sure it is spread evenly and not packed down or it will bind up like a mofo. I can do a pack in about 5 min. I wouldn’t put oil on the mechanism. It will wet the tip of the smoke. Use graphite.I cringe every time I use it thinking about how much money I used to spend for smokes that were full of chemicals for $5-6.00 a pack.

 by Lynda
Great Item!

I bought this after reading and researching reviews on many different brands and makes of rolling machines. I have had it now over a year and still works like a charm. This is a must have.

 by Jesse

very sturdy had mine for nearly a year and still no problems. I normally go through 2 tube injectors ( plastic ) every few months. So glad I switched to this one 🙂

 by B14
My Machine!

My first and current machine. I bought it on Amazon before finding out about this wonderful site and the price is about the same. I’m fairly new to RYO and learned how to do it on this machine. Watching some YouTube videos and reading forums helped me a lot. I never would have thought I’d be rolling my own. I knew people did it but didn’t think much of it until someone told me about it. I was worried I wouldn’t stick with it but I’ve been doing it for a few months now and never went back to nasty commercial cigs. This machine will jam if you stuff too much tobacco. It happened to me a couple times but I was able to fix it easily. This machine will do king size and 100s. It’s pretty basic looking but one of the most popular machines around for a good reason. Easy to clean as well. I’ve thought about electric but I actually prefer the old school method. Plus, electric machines seem loud from the videos I’ve seen and I like to roll as I go instead of doing a bunch at once. I really can’t think of anything wrong with this machine. It was recommended to me and I did my own research which made it obvious that this is the one. Perfect starter machine. I think it will last for a while but if it doesn’t, I’ll buy my next one here. Like I said, the price is the same here as it is on Amazon.

 by Kali4nia510
My first and one of my favorite

Easy to use good quality. The first one that I bought last me over a year the best option to have at home

 by Tanner
Sweet memmories

This was the first rolling machine I used in 2009. I loved it. When I got back into RYO again, I made sure I bought a rolling machine. This is a great one however I choose to buy the Mikromatic Cigarette Machine ($43) made by TopOMatic. I love it. Its beautiful and small. Kings only so it says. I kinda want to buy another one. Share, spare and just because I can.

 by P. Axtell
Best I’ve found so far!

I’ve tried many types of rollers and injectors. The Topomatic is by far the easiest to use for any level cigarette roller- beginner to someone who’s been at it for 20 years. It packs in both 100s and Kings just fine. A simple turn of a screw allows you to pack either size. I clean my machine after every use same as I clean my hunting rifle or dishes in the sink after a meal. To keep it running at its peak efficiency I spray a Q-tip with silicon spray and wipe down the key moving components under the machine with it to keep them greased. Topomatic even includes a parts ordering form for every single piece of the machine which is awesome!

Remember: take care of your equipment and it will take care of you!

 by Chris
Excellent Machine

I am new to RYO; this was my first investment in a rolling machine and it turns out to have been a wise decision.

It is easy to use and has rolled perfect smokes every time. For me the learning curve was about half a carton. I can roll a full carton now in about 45 minutes. Great machine, I highly recommend!

 by Jerry
Fantastic Product

I had been using a little plastic smoke shop brand injector for about a month and I was almost ready to give up on RYO and go back to paying too much for commercial packs. Mainly because, after having two homes burn to the ground in my childhood, I am very fearful of a house fire yet again destroying my life. With the plastic mini injector I was getting cherries galore. Not with the TOM. After using the Top-O-Matic to roll several cartons I haven’t had one cherry fall off. Another problem with the handheld injector was that it rarely fully stuffed the tube no matter how much I tried. I always got about a 2-3 mm gap right at the filter, making the stick floppy and the smoke harsh. With the TOM I have only had maybe three tubes that I had to restuff and this was only because I wasn’t paying attention. The TOM is quick and it packs a smooth tube perfectly 99.9% of the time. 100% if you pay attention. I only wish I had heard about this machine years ago. The TOM is one of the best purchases I have ever made and I don’t have a history of buying junk. Love my TOM. I highly recommend this machine.

 by Nick
Awesome Machine!

5 Star all the way!!!! A must have for the do it yourself smoker. Wish I had discovered this machine a long time ago. Extremely easy to use and have very few duds, 3 out of about 100 didn’t fill correctly, but learning to pack it correctly has helped.

 by Stacy
Nice machine

I bought this machine because it was a fair price to get started on rolling. It was easy to use, took a few times to get the tubes packed right… fill those corners… The only problem I had is it Irritated an old shoulder injury.

 by Michael
the tank of rollers

After searching all types of roller machines, i found nothing built as tough, able to do the job, or as reliable as the Top-o-Matic tank. Built to last, not to fail. Great mechanics, simple engineering.

 by Stephen
Just the best

Tops makes it right. This machine will last and last. Get quality tobacco and tubes to go with it …

 by Winston Carter
Absolute Best

Owned 1st one for ten years. Gave it away and just bought a new one. Rolled 1000’s cartons with it. Just don’t over stuff it. It will jam but almost impossible to break.

 by James
Simple, fast, consistent.

New to ryo and this is my first machine. Recommended by two personal friends, local tobacco shop and tons of reviews and I am not disappointed. I short stroked my very first tube. Got my amounts right. Have pressed a perfect smoke nearly every time since.

 by April
Top o Matic – Best Manual Yet

So I’ve got a cheap manual before and it was okay ie premier, but this one is definitely the best manual I’ve ever tried. I used to use my brother in-laws and that’s where I learned everything in the machine. If you pack it too much, your handle might fall off but that’s a relatively easy fix. You don’t need to pack this machine like your hand held top o Matic. Do it more gently and once you get the hang of it, there’s no going back. Great product, great price great value.

 by Steven
good price, fast shipping, greart machine

After much research i picked the topomatic & im glad i did. Though i’m a newbie & i’ve only rolled 2 cartons with this machine it has worked flawlessly. Near perfect cigs using 3 different tube brands both kings & 100’s. I watched some youtube vids & read the instructions and that was a big help. found this machine cheaper on other sites but when u factor in the shipping it’s cheaper to ship it with your tobacco order.

 by Steve
Built to last

I have been using one for over 6 years. I suspect it is finally getting worn out. It has gotten very sensitive to the moisture content of the tobacco. It just won’t work if moisture is too high, just partially fills the tubes. I think I will replace with another one. This old one didn’t use to be so sensitive to moister content

 by Krystal
Worth every penny

Very similar to the Micromatic machine and is worth every penny. Its durable and lasts for years if cared for properly.

 by Janemarie

This machine works much better than the electric one I had, the heads don’t fall off!!! Great machine for the money. A fast rolling machine, once you get the hang of it. Money saver and is well worth it. I have only had it for 6 months, but am pleased to read all the reviews of it lasting for years….I hope mine does. So far it is great and I have saved tons of money on cigarettes. So far the machine has paid for itself in the first month.

 by Roberta

it works great. With my old machine, the tubes would rip or wouldn’t fill all the way. I don’t have that with this machine.

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