MikrOmatic cigarette rolling machine is a tabletop injector that makes the processes of making cigarettes easy and quick. It comes with high-quality details made of metal, which ensures that it will serve you for many years if maintained properly. This machine has a compact and fast design and provides the same great quality and convenience as other products from the same brand. It is suitable for making standard, king size (84 mm) cigarettes only

Size, Materials, Parts

MikrOmatic by Top-O-Matic has dimensions of 8.5 x 7 x 4 inches. It is a chrome plated machine made of quality steel, which ensures its durability. It has a stylish design and a nice silver coating, and thanks to its compact size it is very easy to store. There is a no-slip mat bottom of the item, which ensures that it will not skip when operating it. The device comes with a built-in tray for tobacco that allows avoiding mess when using the machine. MikrOmatic – mini Top-O-Matic is designed for heavy-duty use, so you can count on using it for a long time.

How It Works

The MikrOmatic cigarette machine is operated manually, which means that you do not have to be looking for a power supply when you want to use it, and it does not require much strength to obtain homemade cigarettes with all-natural tobacco. This also explains a bit lower price of the injector if compared to electric machines. You just need to add some tobacco to the chamber, attach a cigarette tube to the MikrOmatic cigarette roller nozzle, and pull the lever. People with some experience in using this device will be able to make a pack of nicely packed cigarettes within less than three minutes, but the time mainly depends on how quickly you do the necessary actions.


MikrOMatic Cigarette Rolling Machine Features

The following are the main features of the MikrOMatic Cigarette Machine:

  • Chrome coating;
  • Easy to hold handle;
  • Precision engineered loading system;
  • No-slip mat bottom;
  • Industrial grade steel;
  • Bulti-in tobacco tray;
  • Welded stainless steel nozzle.


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Average rating:  
 35 reviews

Works good, you can always save the old on for replacement parts for another one. VERY GOOD design. Its all metal parts and not plastic parts

 by Kate Allen

I’ve had several different cigarette rolling machines and this one is by far the best, hands down!!
This is the only cigarette machine I recommend!

 by Wade
Money Well Spent

This thing is worth every penny. Every smoker should have one. It’s easy on your hands and makes a good smoke with any tobacco I put in it. Most tubes work with it unless they are a tad small. I’ve used Golden Harvest, Zen, Top, Zig Zag, and Gambler. The only tubes I had trouble with were Hot Rod. No more going to the store in the middle of the night for smokes! And I can make better smokes than store bought brands. Built to last, don’t hesitate to get one.

 by Chris
Not satisfied

I have been rolling cigarettes for a long time. I have always used the top rollers and never had any issues until i bought the mikro matic. I used the machine for about 6 months and the welds in the top handle broke right off… This was a very poor design if you ask me and for the money they cost, top should be ashamed. I have no other complaints about top or any of their rollers. I still use the mikro matic to this day, i just have it bolted to my work bench now.

 by Murat öncel
İs there 6 5 mm

This machine super. But is not there 6.5 mm. We want to 6.5 mm in Turkey. Turkey big bazaar for you.

 by Cayla

I have used my machine for 5 year’s or more I love it beat one out there

 by Bruce
best machine i’ve used

I’ve been using the same machine for almost 2 years now. best one yet! and although description says kings only I do 100mm’s with no issues Good sturdy construction and simple to use

 by Toby
Only machine I’ve ever needed!

Bought locally 3 yrs ago.This has been a No Fail machine. Very sturdy construction. It is a bit grindy/clanky loud but don’t roll when everyone is sleeping and you’ll be very happy with this unit. Maybe put a drop or 2 of vegetable oil inside to ease the mechanics every few months. Only issue I ever had was after some time the tube tends to slip off as your cranking…came to find out all you have to do is rotate the rubber boot a tad as the rubber that holds the tube in place for loading gets dented after a bit…rotate the rubber and presto! Still using original rubber. Treats my Zen Kings with the proper respect!

 by Deb
Great machine, long life and smooth roller!

Had mine for over a year and a half now. Gets way more than average use. All my friends start on mine and then buy their own. All of their machines are still working and they are all happy. Mine is not very noisy, makes a thunk at the end. I do clean it once in a while with rubbing alcohol. I’ve used 4 different rollers and this is the best.

 by Christin
Outstanding Machine for the price!

I have been rolling for a number of years and have tried many machines. This machine has a large knob in the center which makes injecting the tobacco into the filter so much easier.

It is the perfect weight, so it doesn’t move around when you are trying to use. You need to pack the tobacco slot full, as you do with all the machines. Then hold the knob and pull the lever. Success! So much easier to use!

 by David
Top of the Line

I’ve had a couple of PowerMatic II electrics, and a Premier Supermatic manual, and they were both good. But this MicroMatic out performs them both. It is well constructed, stylish, very easy to use. It’s faster than my electric and easier to use than my other manual. With this machine I can make a pack of well formed king cigarettes in 5 to 10 minutes.

 by Paula
Great little machine

I really like this machine. It makes really great cigs consistently. It does not do 100’s like another reviewer said it does. It will do 100’s but they are not filled to the end like they should be. But it still works really great.

 by Luke
Best machine

Had a few different machines, and a little hand injector stumbled on this one day 4 or 5 years ago and have never looked back. Still going strong n i roll 2 to 3 packs a day. Best machine out there glad to see its still around.

 by Lily
Great machine!

What a relief to have this after struggling with my little manual Premier for weeks. Can make a pack in 21 minutes including extra time for tamping each burn end with broad end of a chopstick. No clanking as reported by others, at least not yet! Be sure to really fill the burn end corner of the tray. Commercial quality roll.

 by Eddie
The best manual machine!

I’ve used maby other machines but the micromatic is a joy. If you roll king size smokes, this is the machine to buy.

 by Robert
Great Machine

UPS delivered this machine, today, so far I couldn’t be happier. After struggling, with, constant, tobacco jams and broken parts on 3 different Premier Excel’s This machine is a dream, very will made and very smooth operation, also heavy duty.

 by Eric
I wish I’d started with this machine

When I stuffed my first cigarette it was with a Supermatic II. It was and still is a good machine but it is far outclassed in ease of use and speed by this Mikromatic. This lttle machine is a pleasure to use. If you overfill it a little it makes a cigarette. If you under fill, it makes a cigarette. It’s hard to not get a cigarette with this machine. No fumbling around with getting the amount of tobacco just right so that it fills the tube down at the filter. This machine is going to make a fully stuffed cigarette unless you just don’t give it enough tobacco. Even then it stuffs a cig that simple has tobacco but not out to the end. But it will have tobacco down at the filter and as far out as the amount of tobacco allows. I wish this had been around when I started it would have made my life easier over the last 15 years.

 by Walt
Best buy for the money.

This machine will pay for itself the first month you use it. I don’t recommend it for 100’s but for Kings it works great! This is the third type of machine I have bought and I must say it by far is the sturdiest and has held up longer than my past 2 machines. Don’t hesitate buying this one!

 by Rob
So far I’m loving it!

I had this machine for just over a week now and loving it. All metal construction and effortless to use. Even the shake goes through it with no problem. I have been using the Supermatic 2 over the years and they seem to jamb up after a short amount of time. So far so good with this machine. Super smooth operation! My wife loves it too.I did notice the hopper is a little smaller than the Supermatic 2 so make sure to pack it nice and tight end to end for the perfect smoke.

 by Kriptac
Most excellent!

One of the best investments I’ve made in a long time. After reading the previous reviews, I decided to purchase this machine and I simply couldn’t be happier!! It works like a champ, is made very well, and I highly recommend it. It only took a few tries before I was making cigarettes that were darn near perfect. Just follow the simple directions (indeed pack the ends first), and in no time you’ll be cranking out extremely inexpensive cigarettes. I use some of the cheapest tobacco and tubes and still get fantastic results. Again, I most highly recommend this product!!!

 by Butter bean

Best one I have ever used.

 by William
Excellent Machine!

Being new to the RYO world I did a lot of research before buying a manual machine. All the reviews on this machine are not wrong! By the 5th one I was pumping them out like I had been doing it for years! Very solid feeling right out of the box. I like a tighter pack so I just had to adjust filling the corners like you need to and boom, perfect. Now I start the hunt for the perfect tube/tobacco combo for me.

 by B14

Looks aren’t everything but this is definitely the best looking RYO machine around. All the reviews are solid, so I decided to get this and I’m happy I did. Rolls just as good as the Top-O-Matic and seems a bit easier to clean too. It’s also smaller and more compact. As with all new machines, it takes a bit to get used to but I really love this thing.

Just remember, this machine cannot make 100’s!

 by Whiny
No more fingers and thumbs hurting.

Oh Man this thing is beautiful and small. Easy to learn. Just throw down some tobacco and crank it. *POOF* cigarettes. It fits on my tray. I Love This Thing!

Don’t over fill, if you do, use a plastic fork to scrape out of the side closes to yourself and redo. I am so happy with it. I can make a pack of cigarettes in few minutes. Its so much fun, I’m making to many. No more Whining. I like the review that someone had this machine for 4-5 years and it still works great, I’m hoping so.That and the 5 star rating is why i bought it.Kings only but I bet you can make 100’s, I always have a bit hanging out. Smile more.

 by Kyle
Excellent Purchase

Just got this and took it out of the box and rolled half a dozen. Fantastic! Smooth, ergonomic motion and packs and injects just right. Was using a Supermatic on its last legs and the difference is like night and day. I can already tell I’m going to love this machine. You can’t roll 100’s with it but I don’t smoke 100’s anyway. Great investment. Glad I read through the reviews before getting a new machine.

 by Wayne
Best of The Manual Machines…..

Ive owned this machine for about 3 weeks now and I can confirm for you that it is hands down the best manual machine. I own 3 Supermatic 2’s and they are all junk! I ended up using the parts from all three over the years to make one good machine and then I had to finally replace almost every part with my own custom made metal parts which has finally wore the Supermatic 2 parts and base out. So I was on the fence and really doing a bunch of research to find a new machine that would make cigs good but not fall apart like the Supermatic 2’s do. So I ended up taking a chance on this one and I am sooo glad I did. Its guts are ALL metal and built well. I know that some of you out there ,right now, are looking at this machine and doing research just like I was and are pissed and don’t want to be burned by another Supermatic 2 type machine and I don’t blame ya. Get this machine then! This is the machine that you thought you were buying when you got that damn Supermatic 2, only this Mikromatic is the real deal guys. You will not be disappointed, you will not regret your purchase, you wont have to constantly fix and adjust parts cause the engineers that built this one did everything the right way. Really, Im not kiddin and no I don’t own stock in the company, lol. Im just elated that ive been rescued from the misery of the Supermatic 2 type builds. 🙂

 by Terry
works well,little maintenance,easy to use

i have used this machine for over two years with little maintenance i had to tighten up some of the works and clean it out works great with all cuts

 by Peggy
great machine

We have been rolling our cigarettes for years and have had many machines. This one by far is the best. What I like best is where you put the paper tube. so easy to use.

 by Robert
Best Machine

After replacing many of the Blue Machines, from breaking. I’ve had this machine for over two years, and I can’t break it, Great machine.

 by Jack
not quite as good as the hype…

Purchased my Micromatic over a year ago. When it was new, it worked great.

Now, after about 500 cartons, it has begun to be another PITA. It will jam on about every other cigarette. The tobacco won’t go down to the filter, and it just pushes off the metal tube holder leaving me with a half full cigarette.

Also, holding on to this machine while pulling the lever is difficult. I hold it down hard by spanning my fingers from the top to the bottom to keep it from moving, then the lever always scrapes my thumb. I’ve had a callous there for almost a year. The main spring broke pretty early in the machine’s life, but that is not a big problem. It isn’t really needed.

For the money, it’s OK, but still a long way from a ‘5’.

 by Peter
Perfect Manual Roller!

Been rolling a pack a day for 4 years with virtually no problems.

Now it’s starting to only roll half cigs.

Would highly recommend this machine.

1 year mark

I’ve had this one for a year now. Best investment ever. It fits inside my TV tray with the tubes and tobacco. Easy to use. Kings only but I bet you can make a nice 100. No problem at all.

 by Wayne
Just a Hint….

For the couple guys that are having trouble with the machine and after awhile having it only make half cigs etc…. it might be because the rubber piece that holds the tube on the machine has finally worn down enough that its not holding the tube correctly anymore. Replace that piece with another piece of rubber and make sure none of the screws anywhere have backed out and you should be good as new. Also, I find it easier for me if I turn the machine so when you put the tube in, it faces north and south instead of east and west like the pictures on the box show you to use it. The big ball handle on the machine should be on your left side bottom, closer to you and so should the tube if your doing it the way I do. Try it, you may find its much easier. good luck guys!

 by Scott
Solid, as advertized

Smooth, well built, several months in and no issues. My bank account thanks you.

 by Hman
Sturdy, smooth operating workhorse

Got this as a gift after a friend saw me struggling with an ancient Top-O-Matic – best gift ever. Just keep it clean, and maintain it – tighten loose nuts occasionally, might have to bend a coil and re-attach the return spring if spring breaks in a year, and likewise replace the rubber tip that holds the tube in a year or two (1/4″ inch rubber gas line hose works). I’ve got 4 years of daily use on this machine – bought another as a backup 2 years ago, it’s still in the box.

For reference, I use Golden Harvest Red King tubes.

Most problems with any machine go away if you keep your tobacco from getting too dry (keep it sealed with no air pocket), and sift out dry tobacco “shake” and the hard stem remnants with a screen colander just before you roll.

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