The PoweRoll by Top-O-Matic electric cigarette machine is an advanced product from the brand, which allows enjoying a quick and easy process of rolling cigarettes. The device is suitable for making king size (84 mm) cigarettes only.

Size & Materials

The dimensions of the electric, tabletop machine are 6 x 4.5 x 4 inches. It has the chamber protected with a guard, which allows you to avoid the mess when loading tobacco and rolling a smoke. Since the Top-O-Matic electric cigarette rolling machine has a range of parts, it is sold in a solid case that allows storing everything you need in a convenient way. This injector requires plugging in any 120V outlet. There is also a special cleaning kit that should be used to ensure that your device will run smoothly for a long time.

Number of Cigarettes to Make

Once you load tobacco of your choice and insert king size filter tube in your PoweRoll electric cigarette rolling machine, you need to press the button to start rolling a perfect smoke, which makes the process virtually effortless. The injector fills tubes instantly, but the time required for making 20 cigarettes depends on how quickly you load tobacco and insert a filter tube. Usually, it takes just a few minutes to make a pack of evenly filed cigarettes.


poweroll by top-o-matic electric cigarette machine features

The following are the main features of the PoweRoll by Top-O-Matic:

  • Tools for cleaning;
  • A jam indicator;
  • A cord that can be easily removed;
  • A solid case;
  • Spoon Fed Injection;
  • Tobacco Tray.

Bottom Line

The Top-O-Matic PoweRoll electric cigarette machine has all the details to ensure a quick, painless, and efficient way of making RYO cigarettes. Although it is not the smallest Top’ device, it comes with the travel case allowing you to carry it in a convenient way. The Top-O-Matic PoweRoll is recommended for those who prefer keeping the entire process of making smokes effortless and quick.

User Guide: Maintenance, Care, Handling, Operating

How to roll a cigarette with the PoweRoll Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine?

1. Plug in machine and turn on the power switch.

2. Slide the open end of the cigarette tube onto the nozzle.

3. Open Chamber Guard.

Fill the corners first, deposit tobacco evenly in the Tobacco Chamber. DO NOT OVERFILL!

4. Fill the corners first, deposit tobacco evenly in the Tobacco Chamber.  DO NOT OVERFILL!

5. Use Tamper to pack tobacco down evenly.

6. Clear top of machine of loose tobacco then close the Chamber Guard.

7. Press AND release Chamber Guard over start button to activate injector.

In the event of a jam, the machine will reset itself to the starting position and the Jam indicator Light will flash.

How to clean the PoweRoll cigarette making machine?

1. After removing tube from nozzle, open Chamber Guard, then turn the Power Switch off.

1. After removing tube from nozzle, open Chamber Guard, then turn the Power Switch off.

2. Use the supplied Cleaning Rod and Nozzle Brush to remove all tobacco from Tobacco Chamber.

2. Use the supplied Cleaning Rod and Nozzle Brush to remove all tobacco from Tobacco Chamber.

3. Turn the Power Switch on and close the Chamber Guard.

4. Keeping fingers and hands AWAY FROM NOZZLE OPENING, press and release the Chamber Guard to activate injector and ensure successful removal a jam. The machine is now ready for use.

4. Keeping fingers and hands AWAY FROM NOZZLE OPENING, press and release the Chamber Guard to activate injector and ensure successful removal a jam. The machine is now ready for use.

How to make adjustment for the PoweRoll releasing cigarette tubes early?

Unfortunately for the electric machines there are no adjustments for the machine releasing the tubes early.

My PoweRoll machine did not come with a tamper?

The Tamper is in the Tobacco Tray on the machine.  If you look on the side of the machine at the nozzle where you put your tubes on the machine, below the nozzle is a drawer (Tobacco Tray).  The Tamper will be in that drawer.

What is the Tobacco Tray on the Poweroll for?

The Tobacco Tray is for the loose tobacco and dust that falls through the machine to collect in.  Before use please make sure this tray is empty and every time you clean the machine make sure you empty the tray.  If this is not done regularly the tobacco will build up in the machine and will cause the machine to malfunction.

My PoweRoll machine has no power?

When you plug in and turn on the machine and the machine has no power this could be from a couple different reasons.

  1. Check the 120v AC Adapter, when you plug the machine into a wall outlet there is a red light on the adapter itself that should light up.  If it does not then the adapter needs to be replaced. Please contact the Service Center to get a new adapter.
  2. The machine could have a short and the electrical is not working properly.  If that is the case the only thing that can be done is the machine needs to be replaced. Please contact the Service Center or send the machine in following the warranty paperwork that came with the machine.

Are the internal parts available for the PoweRoll?

Sorry but none of the internal parts are available for the machine. The only parts that are available for the machine are the external parts. Taking the machine apart does void any warranty there is on the machine.

Can the PoweRoll be oiled?

We do have several different machines and while our crank machines can be oiled our electric machines should NOT be oiled. The oil could easily get into the motor and electrical of the machine causing it to malfunction.

Should I wait for the machine to cool down between packs?

If you are making numerous packs of cigarettes at one time then yes it would help to have the machine cool down every so often. If you are just making a pack or two at one time then not cooling down the machine before then will be fine.


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Average rating:  
 18 reviews
 by Penny Ann Lebo

My machine I’ve had for a couple of years. The machine looks like it got to close to something hot. My question is can the machine get to hot and melt the plastic off in the back by where you plug it in.

 by Mike hale
Great product

This is a great machine. Ive been using mine for nearly 7 years now. Definitely worth the money. Needs to have the bottom removed occassionally to clean it out but overall a great investment. I would recommend this machine to anyone that is starting out, or veteran rollers. Very easy to use

 by Lawrence scott
Tube holder stuck

My poweroll is about 5 months old the plunger that holds the tube on WILL NOT RETRACT so i cant use it ..not sure i can find p/work …what can i do now…whats an EOC ERROR

 by Lawrence Nall
works great but

Works better than any other electric I’ve tried. But!!! Like all the rest, chaff does end up inside the unit. The only way to remove it is to vooid the warranty. If you do not open it, then the chaff, (small pieces of tobacco and tobacco dust will eventually clog some function of the machine and it will be unusable. My machine stopped cutting and moving the tobacco onto the spoon. There waqs an obvious part loose as it now rattled. Since the poweroll was just a few days out of warranty, I open it and found a metal stanchion with some plastic attached and several pieces of plastic floating inside. Can’t order the part to repair it. And won’t pay the price to replace it. They should be made with a ventilated bottom so that we can shake or blow them out regularly to eliminate the chaff problem

 by Jean
Best Electric Machine I’ve Used

I have used and thrown away many electronic cig machines vowing I would never purchase one ever again. A friend showed me this one and swore how great it was. I used my friends machine and made a carton at one sitting. WOW…I didnt have to stop once to clear it out, it never jammed up once, and I made a carton in 30 min. I’m not one to recommend products but I was amazed. I immediately bought one here and cant wait to get it. Im very excited…..and love the case too. Its very strong and everything fits in it. Just put a small bag of tobacco and some tubes and carry it out the door for a long wkend.

 by BFMC Preacher
Top One

I have owned a Zen and Powermatic II, This machine is hands down the best one on the market. It is fast and after 5 cartons has not jammed once like the others.

 by Jason
very good

This is very good cigarette machine. It packs the cigarette really good. I love carry case for travel.

 by Chris
Worth it!

I have one of these and it’s great! If you are using a hand crank unit right now…throw it aside and buy this. It’s worth every penny. You can make cigs faster, they come out better and it doesn’t ware you out to make a carton. I have put probably 25 cartons worth of cigs through mine with no issues at all. This is a good, well build unit.

 by Richard
best at making cigarettes

love this machine better than hand rolling anytime. Don”t think I could go back to manual machine!

 by Edward
Pretty Good Machine

I have had mine for just over a year now and still works pretty good. The only thing I really don’t like about the machine is the part that sticks out where you put your tube so you can inject it, is a pain to try and get the tube on it. I have tried many different brands of tubes and all of them go on just as difficult as any other brand.

 by Dannie
Time saver

It is by far the easiest rolling machine I have used. Had it for a few months now and it is still going strong. Can make enough smokes for both of use for the day in about 10 to 15 min. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a reasonably price electric machine.

 by Angela
great machine

ive used this before and its nice, lil expensive for me to buy

 by Mark
Best of all

I have spent hundreds of dollars on machines and injectors for making cigarettes, this machine compacts the tobacco in the tube without grinding the tobacco to powder, you will not be dissatisfied with this machine, money well spent. Have made 30 cartons so far.

 by Russell

I have been using the Powermatic 2 for about 2 years- Great machine- But its making noises – Either rebuild or buy new- Top has been in business for YEARS- so I really wanted to try this machine- Pack …corners… Ok… Use tamping tool -put tube on- push button- Just that easy- Nice machine- A real joy to work with- Makes nice cigarettes !

 by Rick H
Perfect Well-Packed Smokes!

I just got this yesterday, but so far I’m amazed, really. Use the tamping tool, it’s extremely important to get a tight smoke! I was tired of loose cigs and tobacco not going to the filter with my old injector, the Powermatic II, which was wearing out. Read a good review on this and thought I’d try it. So glad I did. I can finally see an end to holes in my shirt from the head falling off my smokes. These things are rock hard even with fresh tobacco. Highly recommend it! I’ll try to update in a year or so for reliability.

 by Kathleen
Good but not the best

The best part of this machine is the carry case. I kept the case and used it for the PowerMatic 2 that I bought after this one died…which it did just short of the warranty period. Of course I didn’t still have the paperwork by then. It was my first experience with an electric and it was far superior to the hand crank ones I’d used.

 by Monty
Great product

I bought this machine a few months ago after using a hand roller for years. I love it! It is very easy to use and my cigarettes come out perfect without gaps in the tubes. It jams now and then but corrects itself and it comes with all the tools for cleaning. I would recommend it!

 by JefferyC
Powerroll T-O-M

Have had for 20 months, no issues. Be sure to remove rubber feet, screws, open machine and clean out chaff after each use, blow out once a month. Lube cam follower with a little Vaseline.

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