Top-O-Matic T2 is the newest machine of the brand line that looks very similar to the original model, which means that it comes with a sleek and nice design. The machine operates manually, which allows you to avoid using electricity supply, so you can roll your smokes wherever it is convenient for you. The device has a range of advantages over the original Top’s machine in terms of speed, productiveness, and more.

Size & Materials

The Top-O-Matic T2 cigarette machine looks really good thanks to its nice chrome finish. The tabletop machine is expected to last for a long time thanks to the quality parts. It does not require much space because it comes in a compact size of 9.5 x 7.5 x 4 inches. Thanks to its metal construction, it will allow you making cigarettes at home for years.

Number of Cigarettes It Can Make

This machine is designed for heavy-duty use. How quickly you can make a pack of cigarette mainly depends on your experience and your desire, but, usually, you will need to spend just a few minutes of your time to get a full pack of perfect cigarettes. Top-O-Matic T2 cigarette rolling machine can be used for making perfect smokes of 84 mm (king size) or 100 mm, and you can change the size easily by using the Speed Lock System.

How It Works

This machine allows you to enjoy making evenly packed homemade cigarettes in a quick and effective way.  Since it is a cigarette injector, you just need to attach a cigarette tube, add tobacco into a built-in tray, and pull the lever. Thanks to the bottom mat, your device will not slip when making cigarettes.  Generally, it is a very easy-to-use device.


top-o-matic t2 cigarette machine parts
  1. Non-Slip mat bottom – designed for improved grip;
  2. Chrome coating – rustproof & stylish;
  3. Industrial grade steel – solid, one piece steel construction;
  4. Precision engineered loading system – for heavy duty use;
  5. Welded stainless steel nozzle – strong & sturdy;
  6. Speed lock system – quickly converts from King Size to 100mm;
  7. Built-in tobacco tray – for cleaner faster loading

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the world’s toughest cigarette machine, this model will be the right choice for you. It is one of the best-selling machines for great look, convenience, durability, and affordability


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 21 reviews
 by Mike
[email protected] is Top Notch!

I have been using this machine for close to 2 years and, aside from the little rubber piece wearing out a few times, I absolutely love this machine.

 by Kendall Lowers
Pissed off

I purchased a T2 machine in February of this year thing worked great for about 4 months I considered it an investment so I wouldn’t have to be stressed out by the old machine I had. Now I wish I could shove the fucking thing up your company president’s ass, I feel like I have wasted my money trusting in your shitty product. Great design crappy material maybe you should use a better quality metal in the production

 by Rick
Great machine

I’ve had this machine for anout 8 years now. Works great. But user must keep in mind parts need replaced. The serated injector needs replaced every year or 2 the rubber on the tube holder gets worn. Just turn it and its good.

 by Gerald Simmons

I’ve been using top o matic since 2008 I love it I’m on my 3rd one but only because it’s easier for me just to go buy a new one when parts Wear out after a few years mainly The cutter injector

 by Linda
very satisfied

you may ask why 5 starts after you read my review..the T2 i have had for 6-7 years now was acting up. I do maintain it (clean and a bit of olive oil) anyway the roller was causing issues lately, 1/2, 3/4 rolled cigarettes..i had had enough so i purchased another yesterday.. same brand and T2..when i opened the box was a replacement part (T2008) the rubber tube holder..i looked at mine and it was indented (from use i am sure, pack a day)so i turned it and rolls cigarettes fine..funny, this must be a popular complaint/problem to include this part and not the little spring..putting new one back in the box to least i have back up if need be..

 by Pete

I have been using topomatic for about nine years without any major issues. I got a new T2 in September and it worked fine for about two months then the problems began. The tube clamp does not hold the tube long enough for it to fill resulting in half filled smokes. I have been putting my finger next to the clamp which helps fill them but tears off a chunk of the top of the tube. Sometimes the injector rips right throuth the side wall of the tube. I am highly disappointed with this machine especially after the success I had in the past.

 by Red

I have had several of these Machines, The one we just retires was 6 years old 4 packs per day (2 me 2 Wife) And it just was worn out but still worked, the black ones are ok but the chrome T2 are way better worth the extra couple bucks have one for back up. the injector tube can be fixed by placing a 7/32 drill bit inside of it and gently push it in to widen it out it works a few times ( every few months)and then you replace it besides that very durable the Harley Davison of machines

 by Muffins
Absolutely fucking shit

This machine is absolute garbage and should be pulled off shelves as being a scam. I ordered this from a online vendor and am completely dissatisfied. And of course they would respond to me trying to get a refund. No matter what i do… i get absolutely shit ass cigarettes with this. Either the tobacco pushes the tube off and doesn’t fill it. Or a because of it pushing off… i figure use less tobacco. And when I do that… the cigarette isn’t filled properly and cant be smoked. I tried working on this for HOURS… I even used a digital scale to keep track how much tobacco im putting in. And everytime 1 or 2 things happens. It’s either a shit cigarette that cant be smoked happened. Or the tube pushes off and the cigarette isn’t filled right and obviously cant be smoked either. I also figured out underneath the machine.. on of the nuts controls the time the rubber pad holds the tube while injected. But no matter where I have it… it fucks up the tube. After many attempts… i successfully made 4 cigarettes. And destroyed around 100 tubes. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY. You might as well spend the extra $30 and get a Powermatic that’s electric.

 by Lauren A.
Best Machine on the market

I quit smoking tobacco recently but I’ve owned every rolling machine on the market. By far the TOP-O-MATIC brand is without a doubt the best built manual machine made. I went through two of the T-2 machines but I’m getting a new one for my cannabis smoking.

 by jake
good machine

I bought one, then bought another.

 by Rick
About to buy my second topomitc 2

This is a great product and I would recommend this product to anyone buying and starting to roll-your-own and serious about it. I do recommend shortening the one spring. the smallest spring in it for Kings. I feel is the best machine on the market. Hands down!!!!!!



 by Kate
Topomatic T2

I have been using this handy-dandy cig machine for 10 days and I love it. I opted for the manual method to fill cig tubes in case of a power outage. The device works perfectly and is quick.

 by Jeffrey
Good machine!

Only started rolling my own smokes about 2 months ago. Been using this after my first week, started with a cheaper hand injector to see if i liked it. I love this machine, so much easier then hand held injectors. Just don’t over pack the chamber with tobacco, if the hand crank feels hard to crank, STOP YOUR TOBACCO IS PACKED TOO HARD AND WILL JAM THE MACHINE! It should be pretty smooth when you crank it. One thing I have noticed is that the finer the tobacco the harder packed it the machine packs it, hence the more of a chance that the machine will jam. It can take a bit to get used to to not pack it too hard, a lighter touch is a must when putting tobacco into the chamber. It’s certainly worth the money though, take care of the machine and the machine will take care of you!

 by Angela
t2 is the best

love the T2. It’s a sturdy, great machine. Price could be lower tho

 by Rick
Bang for your buck

Good rolling machine injected tobacco in tub great for anyone to use easy to learn and wouldn’t recommend any other machine

 by David
Works Perfect After 5 Years Of Daily Use

I can’t find any faults with this Topomatic T2 machine – it works perfect every time. Just don’t try to over stuff the tube – follow the directions. Clean out the tobacco fines that accumulate and blow out with electronics duster or small brush about every carton or two. Lightly oil pivot points and put a very small dab of grease on the cam surface that releases the tube once or twice a year to keep it operating smoothly. I still have the extra rubber to hold the tube after 5 years of use. No sign that the machine will ever wear out.

 by Deborah
Great bang for your buck!

Easy to use & maintain. Holds up under “new user” abuse. Excellent value for price!

 by Carl
Great Machine

Just finished rolling my 20,000th cig on this machine, without any breakage or other problems reported by others. Just avoid overfilling as many others have said, and maybe an extra pinch of tobacco in the filter end of the chamber and all will be well!

 by Jasper
Best one ever

Had a topomatic for a year it finally wore out. Used it to roll for 3 heavy smokers. Just purchased a t2 last month it is smoother and makes a great cig. Haven’t had but one jam just stopped and cleaned it out. No problem with this machine.

 by John
Well Designed

this is a well designerd machine that works properly as long as you do not use too much tobacco at a time. But I find that making cigarettes manually is just too much for me so I got an electric one to use and donated my topomatic to a nursing home along with about $200 worth of tobacco and tubes. if you can afford the extra tubes and tobacco I am sure you have a local nursing home that would be happy to accept them the residents only get $30 a month to pay for everything tobacco haircut and anything else they want if it is a public one serving medicaid and such residents

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